Sunday, January 23, 2005

Godhra in Pictures

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Train burnt by muslims is now reported as accident from so-called investigation by Railway minister Laloo who is convicted of multiple crimes.

How can Hindus be quiet ?

Hypocritic Indian politicians( except Narendra Modi ) /media concentrate on Godhra's aftermath which is given wide media coverage both in India and abroad based on selective propaganda by discredited so-called social activist Teesta Setelvad.
Teesta Setelwad justified train burning act by muslims claiming that those in train were kar sevaks headed for building Shri Ram temple.

These pictures are gruesome. Yet we see that no one is punished for it. Instead Hindus are blamed for aftermath of so-called accident.

Now the question is with Indian media hijacked by leftists( who are aligned strongly with muslims ) , psuedo-seculars ruling India and abusing Hindus/hinduism in name of secularism who will look after Indian Hindu interests ?

What is amazing is how can Benny Hinn openly insult Hindus in their own country and seek converts ? What's more , state govt of karnataka has patronized him. Patronizing Hindus is considered communal, but patronizing Hindu bashing soul harvesters is looked upon as secular act. WHY ?
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